Last Updated — 28.01.18
Selected Work

Peep Publication
w/    Adam Morton-Delaney
        Max Rawlins   

A bi-annual publication celebrating creative side projects. Issue #1 launched June 2017 in Amsterdam which had an accompanying exhibition showcasing some of the work featured in the publication.

Issue 2 set to launch March 2018.

Southend Security
Re-designing Southend-on-Sea’s identity through security fencing. I used the colours and shapes found in the iconic sea front and used them to produce a 600cm x 1000cm steel fence. 

This method can be taken forward and used in other seaside towns such as Brighton or Skegness.

Crowd Mixer
w/    Adam Morton-Delaney
        Sammie Purulak
        Jacob Wise 

By turning a dance floor into a live mixing board, we propose to give the control of mixing live songs to the dancers within clubs. The position of people on different sides of the floor dictates the mix of the 2 tracks.

Springfield Cuisine
w/    Adam Morton-Delaney

Springfield Cuisine is a Instagram account dedicated to the best, worst and most questionable dishes from The Simpsons. 

We have produced cookbooks for each of the main characters featuring their favourite meals and snacks and the methods on how to make them yourself.


A selection of renders and experiments I have produced on a Cinema 4D.

The Hidden Report
w/    Aiden Miller
        Sammie Purulak
        Fran Williams 

A 40 page report on creative exchange for the Arts & Humanities Research Council. All diagrams and layout design was worked on and produced by myself and the creative team.

A copy will be sent to The Houses of Parliment and another to be kept at The British Library.